A FLORAL PARK HOMEOWNER reached out to me for a mold remediation in his basement. An area, from what i saw, was left in the past. Loads of contents collected from over the years filled most of the standing room.

With no cleaning happening and no dehumidifier in operation, that mix of excess dust and moisture was what allowed mold to grow on the exposed wood open beam ceiling in the un-finished portion of the lower elevation

Mold can grow on wood surfaces, including open beam ceilings, due to the presence of excess moisture. Mold spores are naturally present in the environment, and they can settle and grow on organic materials, such as wood, when the conditions are favorable.

I suggested a mold assessment from a 3rd party assessor as the mold amounter to more than 10 square feet of visible contamination As per NY State Mold Law a remediation plan is required

IT SUGGESTED CLEANING OF THE ENTIRE wood open beam ceiling with HEPA vacuum and damp wiping methods to complete the mold remediation process.

We also loosely cleaned the contents. With so many that if we wanted to detail clean it all we would be there for several days and that just wasn’t practical

ONCE COMPLETED A POST ASSESSMENT was performed and it revaled that the job cleared and was returned to condition 1. https://longislandmoldguy.com/how-much-does-mold-remediation-cost-on-long-island/

Another successful mold remediation in Floral Park NY

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