Mold Remediation in Floral Park NY

mold remediation in Floral Park

A FLORAL PARK HOMEOWNER reached out to me for a mold remediation in his basement. An area, from what i saw, was left in the past. Loads of contents collected from over the years filled most of the standing room. With no cleaning happening and no dehumidifier in operation, that mix of excess dust and […]

Finding Mold In Your Home

using flashlight to find mold

THERE ARE MANY TOOLS for finding mold in your home. In my latest video segment of, “Whats In My Bag” i share with you one of my favorites and something that everyone has. The Flashlight is a device that many homeowners have available. With many functions and uses it really is very important. Its multi […]

My Visit to coach realty of stony brook ny

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

RECENTLY, I WAS INVITED OUT to Coach Realty in Stony Brook NY. If you have never been to the area it is quite nice. This visit was set up to discuss mold, mold remediation and the various situations the agents may find themselves in when involved in the buying and selling of homes. Not wanting […]

Ride Along With Long Island Mold Guy

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

Ride along with me as I visit homes in South Hampton NY and Farmingville NY to provide homeowners with estimates for mold remediation. I also stop at a famous Long Island landmark! At the first home I check out a basement storage area with 2 crawl spaces. A dehumidifier was never used in the area […]

Is there mold in your attic?

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

Long Island winters are notoriously cold, which means we want to turn up the heat. As we all know, heat rises and prompts the question, is there mold in your attic? If there happens to be an attic in your house, that’s where it will rise to. If you have inadequate insulation you may end […]

Just a little bit of mold in Shelter Island

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

The mold i saw when i walked into the basement of this Shelter Island home amazed me. Heavy growth on all the sheetrock! What happened here to cause this? With the home unoccupied, the boiler in the basement malfunctioned causing a water damage. It sat for sometime before being discovered and as time went on […]

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

CLEANING AND DISINFECTING YOUR Long Island home and business during the Covid-19 pandemic has taken off just as fast as the virus itself. Maid services, restoration companies and facility management companies are among those offering these services. I have seen hundreds of posts on sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram showing people spraying with everything […]

Do You Actually Have a Mold Problem?

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

Do You Actually Have a Mold Problem? DO YOU HAVE A MOLD problem in your home? Many Long Island homeowners do in fact have issues with mold growth. This is usually due to humidity, leaks or other various water or moisture issues. There could be multiple reasons that you think you may have mold in […]

Mold Removal Expert In Centereach

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

AS A NEW RESIDENT OF CENTEREACH my goal is to help my neighbors here and in the surrounding communities with their mold issues and concerns. I want to be able to be that go to guy that my neighbors can count on when they become overwhelmed and aren’t sure as to what they should do. […]