My Visit to coach realty of stony brook ny

My Visit to coach realty of stony brook ny

RECENTLY, I WAS INVITED OUT to Coach Realty in Stony Brook NY. If you have never been to the area it is quite nice. This visit was set up to discuss mold, mold remediation and the various situations the agents may find themselves in when involved in the buying and selling of homes.

Not wanting it to be like the usual lecture, i asked everyone to speak openly and ask what they wish while talking. The New York State Mold Law was disscussed as many people arent even aware that it exists. It was created for consumer protection. Fact sheets where handed out to use as a reference.

SHARING SOME OF MY INTERESTING ENCOUNTERS prompted the cell phone to be taken out so that the unbelievable pics i had could be shared with everyone. There were a few gasps. I see some crazy things in the field sometimes!

It was really fun taking questions and hearing about some of the things the agents have encountered with their customers.

THE VIDEO CAMERA WAS rolling the whole time so i encourage you to check it out on my Youtube channel.

Here it is for you