Ride Along With Long Island Mold Guy

Ride Along With Long Island Mold Guy

Ride along with me as I visit homes in South Hampton NY and Farmingville NY to provide homeowners with estimates for mold remediation. I also stop at a famous Long Island landmark!

At the first home I check out a basement storage area with 2 crawl spaces. A dehumidifier was never used in the area which caused surface growth on the stored items. I also saw what appeared to be mold on a small section of sheetrock ceiling. I spent a good amount of time asking questions and gathering the necessary information

After leaving the premises I decided to stop at a famous Long Island road side attraction, The Big Duck! https://bigduck.org This is a replica of a big duck that you can actually go inside of! Its been here for 90 years! There is plenty of parking, a restroom and a park like area to check out as well.

After returning back to the office and preparing the estimate for South Hampton, another call came in to check out a kitchen pantry that was affected by a leaking shower pan in the upstairs bathroom

Back into the van for a short ride over to see some more mold! Wall cabinets, sheetrock ceiling and walls were affected and the homeowner was very eager to get it taken care of as soon as possible. I made him aware that I could come the next day for him, which was a Sunday, if he wished. The estimate was submitted onsite and I was hired to take care of the remediation!

So I think it is now time to “Get Inside The Containment” and watch this video! Head on over to my Youtube channel now https://youtu.be/KGfjZTHD7BE Please be sure to subscribe and give the video a like as it really helps the channel.