THERE ARE MANY TOOLS for finding mold in your home. In my latest video segment of, “Whats In My Bag” i share with you one of my favorites and something that everyone has.

The Flashlight is a device that many homeowners have available. With many functions and uses it really is very important. Its multi purpose for sure.

WHEN PERFORMING A MOLD INSPECTION for a Long Island homeowner i’ll break it out and shine it in certain areas, white mold really shows up when illuminated. In some instances it isn’t seen with the naked eye. I’ll also find myself in places with limited or no light at all, so it really comes in handy then.

There are many variations as you know. Handheld, wearable, mnagnetic, hanging and even ones on tripods. Find the one that works best for you and your situation, regardless of which one you decide on, just make sure you chaarge it or have batteries on hand so that its always ready to go. I like the headlamp as it allows me to be hands free.

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