Do You Actually Have a Mold Problem?

Do You Actually Have a Mold Problem?

DO YOU HAVE A MOLD problem in your home?

Many Long Island homeowners do in fact have issues with mold growth. This is usually due to humidity, leaks or other various water or moisture issues.

There could be multiple reasons that you think you may have mold in your home. Of course seeing visual growth would be the first and most obvious reason.

SOME EXPERIENCE ODOR that leads them to believe they have a problem. What ever it may be that leads one to believe there is fungal growth present, many people tend to call to schedule an inspection or they will purchase a home testing kit.

A mold inspector will not only look for mold and moisture with their eyes and sense of smell, they will also use tools like moisture meters and in many cases, air pumps.

AIR PUMPS SUCK IN and particulate is captured on a microscope slide inside a little canister. The sample is then packaged and sent to a lab for testing to see what is present.

STORE BOUGHT TEST KITS usually resemble a small terrarium type apparatus that you open up, place on a table top and allow it to collect particulate from the air. Then you close it up and allow it to do its thing.

While the above mentioned methods may be helpful to some i feel that they will only confuse people even further.

I PREFER VISUAL SIGNS such as a moisture source and visible mold.

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

I understand that you can have mold trapped behind your walls that you can’t see without looking inside the wall. So be sure that if you hire an inspector they have a means to do so. https://long-island-mold-guy.local/2019/11/tools-for-mold-assessment/

JUST TO RECAP, before purchasing test kits or calling an inspector look for the following signs. A moisture source, an odor and visible growth. If you suspect and feel that you have an issue based on these factors it is at that point you should seek professional advice on the matter.

Don’t be scared or stress yourself out as a mold problem can be solved.