Mold Removal Expert In Centereach

Mold Removal Expert In Centereach

AS A NEW RESIDENT OF CENTEREACH my goal is to help my neighbors here and in the surrounding communities with their mold issues and concerns. I want to be able to be that go to guy that my neighbors can count on when they become overwhelmed and aren’t sure as to what they should do.

There are many mold removal companies in the area that do offer the same services that i do. There are many differences among these companies. The one factor that makes The Long Island Mold Guy different is me.

First off i love what i do or else i wouldn’t be doing it for a quarter of my life. Being in this field allows me the opportunity to meet and help so many wonderful people.

I feel that individuals are drawn to my welcoming and positive demeanor and they almost instantly feel comfortable and confident being around me and hearing what i have to say.

I STRIVE TO EDUCATE AND TEACH Centereach homeowners about the New York State mold law, what to expect from the mold remediation process and what they should expect from me.

I handle all projects with “kid gloves” and have no problem holding my customers’ hand during the entire process so that they go from being overwhelmed in the beginning to having an understanding that things are moving forward and that this issue can be solved. https://long-island-mold-guy.local/2017/09/long_island_mold_prevention/

I’ve built a reputation living in the Sachem area for the past 10 years or so. I hope to build the same trust around the corner here with my new neighbors in the Middle Country and surrounding areas and to also continue to serve the people of the Sachem community that have come to appreciate my way of doing things

Not only would i like to assist homeowners with their mold issues, I would also like to get involved in the community where i can.

I would be more than happy to come and speak in any area surrounding the topics on health and homes and other related issues that concern our community.

Good neighbors are supposed help one another and this neighbor is no exception. Consider me you’re friendly neighborhood mold man or guy!