Buying A Holbrook NY Foreclosed Home With Mold Growth

Buying A Holbrook NY Foreclosed Home With Mold Growth

WHEN SHOPPING FOR A HOME on Long Island you may find yourself wanting to buy a dwelling with mold contamination. Why would a person want to do this? Because one may be purchasing a foreclosed home here in Suffolk County. https://long-island-mold-guy.local/2018/03/flipping-long-island-homes/

I was recently contacted by a previous customer. He had invested in a property in Holbrook NY which is located in Suffolk County. There had been water damage in the basement. The bank that had owned it prior had performed only minimal cleanup.

KNOWINGLY MOVING INTO A MOLDY house in Holbrook, it was now time to address the issue. Trust was gained from the first job i did for the homeowner at a place he owned in Ronkonkoma NY. So he called me again to provide an estimate.

The work left behind to perform was tedious and time consuming. Moldy pieces of sheetrock were stuck behind the metal ceiling grid throughout the 1000 square foot space.

MARBLE TILE FLOORS, jetted bathtub surrounded by cement board with tile, wall mounted mirrors and wood paneling were among the affected materials that also required removal

Mold Inspection Long Island, NY

HE SAID I WAS THE RIGHT GUY FOR HIS FUNGI and that i was hired for the job. Following a 3rd party remediation plan the project spanned several days between removal and cleaning to get the space ready for post inspection

While additional work was performed and more debris added to the dumpster i did not ask the customer for anything more

ONCE CLEARANCE WAS ACHEIVED and i returned to pick up the equipment and final payment I was told how happy everyone was with the work and i was given more money without ever asking for it.

It isn’t every day that customers are paying more than what you are asking for. However when a customer is happy they are going to go the extra mile for you just like you did for them.

IT COULD BE in the form of money, a compliment or even an online review. Never fear doing something extra for the right person as it makes you a better person.

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