Moldy Situation in Commack

Moldy Situation in Commack

A medical issue for a commack homeowner turned into a moldy situation

An elderly property owner became ill due to Covid-19 and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Obviously during his stay the focus was on his health and not necessarily his home.

While being treated the water heater in the home began leaking. With no one aware it continued. The water damage was able to spread throughout 3 quarters of the main floor. Affecting several areas.


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The living room, entry foyer, hall and the stairwell were all compromised by the mess.

While this was a huge concern the secondary damage was yet to come.

As it sat, mold began to grow on the affected surfaces. It eventually started to form on the unaffected structure as well because of the excess humidity.

It wasn’t until the damage was done that a family member had come back and discovered what had happened.

By this time it was late as the mold started making its way to the second floor. However the issue was a solvable one.

The insurance company was contacted to confirm coverage. In the meantime the bad water heater was being removed.

Once coverage was confirmed a mold assessor was called in to create a mold remediation plan.

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With the protocol in hand it was now time to begin the remediation.

All necessary containments were set up a day prior and the affected areas emptied.

During the course of the project additional growth was discovered. When this happens all parties involved are notified prior to continuing

Once all the affected material was removed the entire main level of the home was cleaned with HEPA vacuum and damp wiping methods.

Once the home was post inspection ready the mold assessor was called back.

48 hours later we received our clearance. The homeowners family was very grateful that we had passed as this allows them to begin putting things back together. https://long-island-mold-guy.local/suffolkmoldremoval/