Just a little bit of mold in Shelter Island

Just a little bit of mold in Shelter Island

The mold i saw when i walked into the basement of this Shelter Island home amazed me. Heavy growth on all the sheetrock! What happened here to cause this?

With the home unoccupied, the boiler in the basement malfunctioned causing a water damage. It sat for sometime before being discovered and as time went on it became worse. Secondary problems almost always occur after events like this.

An assessor was hired and a remediation plan written. https://www.webmd.com/lung/mold-mildew

Once we had the written plan it was time to start the mold remediation at this Shelter Island summer home. As there was no room on the property to drop a storage unit for the salvageable contents we had to come up with another plan for the pack out

We decided to use 2 unaffected bedrooms as storage areas. The rooms were cleaned and disinfected. The salvageable items were placed and the areas contained for the duration

We set up all the rest of the required protective coverings and began with the removal of affected material. This consisted of sheetrock walls, insulation, wood peg board and hard wood flooring.

Once completed with the demolition the clean up process began. We clean all structure with HEPA vacuum and damp wiping methods. During that time was when i found more mold!

While cleaning the ceiling in the basement a small hole was discovered and i was able to look in and found mold on what appeared to be the wall cavity behind the kitchen.

I stopped the crew from cleaning, contacted the assessor and came up with a scope to tackle the kitchen. I was now briefly going backwards but took care of things quickly.

We moved on back to cleaning once completed with the additional found work and did so with great detail as we did still have a final inspection to pass.

It is very important to have someone look in on your home if you don’t intend on being there for an extended period of time. It could be a summer home or your may be going out of town.

Get a family member, friend or neighbor to make routine checks. If you cannot find someone like that, you may want to consider hiring a house watcher or property manager.

The secondary damage in this home could have been prevented if someone had seen the water damage in the basement sooner. https://long-island-mold-guy.local/suffolkmoldremoval/