Does Your Long Island Summer Rental Have Mold?

Does Your Long Island Summer Rental Have Mold?

AS MEMORIAL DAY weekend and the start of the Long Island summer season approach many East End property owners put their homes on the market for summer rental. Many of these rentals come at a very high price point. When people purchase a home they have an inspection done. Inspections are performed to make sure the home is safe and that everything functions as it should.

MOLD is also a concern and mold inspections are becoming more and more popular prior to purchasing a home. So why isn’t this being done for rentals as well? You are spending good money and you are bringing your family into a home expecting it to be safe and to have a great summer vacation. How do you know that it is safe without checking it first. It may look really good pulling up…..the pool in the back yard is inviting and all you are thinking about it having a good time. I understand this, i know i wouldn’t want to be bothered with arranging an appointment, the added expense and possibly even a conflict with the property owner. I am already seeing potential rentals with mold in them which is what prompted me to write something about this.

LAST SEASON i had a few calls where the renters were already settled into their rentals and then they noticed mold in a closet or the basement and since it wasn’t seen during a walk through because we they were looking at everything else now they are stuck in a home that has mold in it. Do you know want to go through an extensive mold remediation in your summer rental? Most likely not. So what to do? Some suggestions i have are don’t just look at all the fun stuff when walking though a potential rental property. Sure we like to see all the bells and whistles but take time to do your own little investigative work.

GO INTO THE BASEMENT, check the storage closets, under the kitchen sink and the utility room. And you know how the old saying goes, “if you see something, say something”. Let the property owner know what you saw and what you think, don’t be bashful in voicing your concerns. If you see mold then ask if they would be willing to have a mold inspection performed prior to you moving in and see what their reaction is. Are they concerned about your concerns? If they show no concern then perhaps this isn’t the right place for you. If the owner isn’t willing to hire a mold inspector for you and you really have your sights set on a particular property then perhaps you won’t mind spending a few bucks to have piece of mind.

A MOLD INSPECTION on Long Island can cost anywhere from $400-$1200 depending on the company you hire. Even though i am mentioning mold that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other safety concerns in your rentals where a home inspector may come in handy. So before thinking about that great summer with the pool and the parties make sure the home you are going to rent is safe and sound and of course has no visible mold growth.

IF YOU FEEL that you need assistance in regards to mold in your Long Island rental property then feel free to contact me any time as i am here to help you with your concerns. I’m The Right Guy For Your Fungi