Best Mold Advice? Prevention!

You have had your moisture issue taken care of, you hired the 3rd party mold assessor, you hired a licensed mold remediation contractor and you have had the affected areas cleared by the assessor and you have had the areas rebuilt. Now you find yourself asking… “How do I prevent future mold problems”?

It actually starts before and at the rebuild. That’s where my service continues.

Check Your Gutters!

Divert water away from the foundation

Waterproof foundation walls

Make sure there are no cracks on the wall!

Use mold resistant materials

Wall panels, paperless drywall, composite base & door trim.

Maintain a proper environment

Dehumidifiers, air circulation, and HEPA machines

I’ve got your affected areas in perfect condition and I will assist you in keeping them that way. From my expert advice in picking the proper materials for rebuild to getting the proper environmental controls in place and advice on preventative maintenance, The Long Island Mold Guy is always here to help you fight the battle with fungus!