Why is there mold in my closet? The majority of closets have doors and they are usually kept closed. We store everything from our suits to our sneakers and everything in between.

To some, their favorite room in the house is the closet! But what happens if a water damage occurs? Or worse, a mold problem. https://moldpedia.com/remove-mold-mildew-clothes-fabric

Within the course of a week i had been asked to come out to Huntington and Garden City for issues pertaining to mold in the closet.

The first home had a bathroom right next to the closet. After many long hot showers moisture built up on the surfaces above the clothing. Over time, there was visible growth.

I tend to refer to this as surface mold. Removal of affected material was not required here. A multi step process was used to clean the surface. https://longislandmoldguy.com/longislandmoldservices/

After applying a disinfectant and allowing it to dwell, an antimicrobial primer was sprayed.

It will be very important that the family living here implements some preventative measures in order to keep it from coming back.

These include but are not limited to. Placing an exhaust fan in the bathroom, opening the window and wiping down the shower.

Purchasing a dehumidifier to put near the closet can also be helpful.

The next location was a basement in Huntington. This closet was located next to a bathroom as well.

However, this situation was caused by a slow leak in the waste line behind the wall.

Because the leak was slow and the closet packed, it was hard to see the contamination on the walls.

So much in fact that the water reached to several areas behind the walls of the basement.

This would require a more extensive remediation. A pack out of the belongings would be needed to make room for working.

Then removal of all the affected wall board followed by cleaning and disinfecting of remaining structure would follow.

2 different jobs in 2 closets. Different causes and very opposite cures. This of course would also be 2 costs.

Thats why it is always best to have the mold professional come to your home to provide you with the most accurate estimate.

Stay away from over the phone or fixed pricing as the number will more than likely change during the project.

An in person estimate will provide you with the closet amount so that you can plan according to your budget.

You must also always understand that while work is being done on your property. Additional contamination can possible be found.