Having the proper tools

for a mold assessment is very important. Being a professional means having professional tools to perform the job accurately.

I will be doing a series of blogs and videos showing you the tools for mold assessment. Each post will highlight a different tool until i get through everything in the bag

This will make it helpful for customers to become familiar with the different meters, sampling devices, sampling media, etc.

If you don’t work with me i still want you to be educated so that when a mold professional comes to help you in you’re Long Island home you will already have some sort of understanding as to what is going on during the process

The borescope is the first tool in my bag that i would like to share with you. This is one of many tools for mold assessment.

By making small holes in a wall, base cabinet, or any other area you want checked i can put the camera end into the opening to evaluate what is going on inside the cavity. Almost like a colonoscopy for your wall. This helps tremendously when a customer suspects they have mold but don’t see any visible growth.

When the camera is inserted we can see what it sees by viewing the monitor. This will tell show us and help answer some questions that the customer may be looking for.

I don’t see many assessors using these Some just don’t want to perform any sort of removal in fear of disturbing any mold growth.

Others really just don’t like to move anything at all and just want to see whats in front of them as it requires the least effort.

As long as a homeowner doesn’t mind me making these small holes then i will do so to find out as much as i can for them.

I feel that making a few small holes to corroborate my findings is worth it both for them and myself as well.

I’ve also done a video about the borescope. The device isn’t operational but you can gain an idea as to how it functions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbiAuOad1XY

Long Island Mold Guy showing you tools for mold assessment The Borescope
Long Island Mold Guy With Borescope