Preventing mold from growing in your home this spring

Preventing mold from growing in your home this spring

April showers bring May flowers.We are finally seeing some springtime weather here on Long Island. It is a promising time of the year. Yet with springtime rains and the moisture left in the ground from winter come possible interior moisture issues.

Basements, crawl spaces and dark stagnant areas of your home can be the perfect places for mold to grow. And once a moisture problem arises and goes un noticed that’s when mold can start to grow and continue to flourish if something isn’t done. It can easily spread throughout the home.

While mold is basically all around us this time of year there are ways to help prevent it indoors. Mold needs the right moisture, temperature and material to grow on. If we keep these in check then we are doing our job as homeowners to help in the prevention of indoor mold growth

I suggest starting with the outside perimeter of your home. Are your gutters cleaned and functioning properly. Is the water draining away from your foundation when it rains?

Head inside and check your basement. Is it clean, neat and organized. Is the furniture slightly away from the all’s to allow for air movement? A clean basement is the first step. If you do not have a dehumidifier I suggest getting one that can accommodate your space. Getting an air purifier will not only clean the air but it will provide circulation as well, assisting the dehumidifier in capturing moist air.

Many people with allergies may feel the affect of mold spores in the air this time of year. Allergic reactions are generally in the form of a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and other symptoms associated with hay fever. Some molds can be even more toxic to people with suppressed immune systems.

Since mold is a part of our natural environment it’s removal is not 100% possible. However taking the steps to keep it from growing in your home are very important for your the health of you and your home.

Enjoy your spring time!