MOLD PREVENTION TIPS: Mold is a fungus that is found almost everywhere in our environment on Long Island, outside and inside. There is currently no federal exposure limit in place so there is no actual way of registering how much mold or how little is bad for a person. Many Long Islanders suffer from allergies and have to take medications in order to combat the symptoms. So how much mold is too much and what can we do from it being a problem in our homes? When you start to see what you think may be mold growing on your wall in your basement, or something strange growing in the cabinet under your kitchen sink then thats when it is too much. You do not want to see any traces of mold growing on your wall or contents in your home. This is not where is belongs growing. So the moment you feel you have an issue is when you should address it. Do not let it get out of hand! Well how is it going to get that way in the first place you may ask? Being in this industry for so long has afforded me the opportunity to be in thousands of homes  From East Hampton to New Hyde Park and I’ve seen a lot of mold. Some causes for mold growth in the home are but not limited to having too much humidity in a certain area, a leak or sometimes cleanliness can be an issue. Some ways to help prevent mold in your home can be as simple as cleaning your home on a regular basis or installing a dehumidification unit in suspect areas. Although we cannot get rid of mold from our environments there are ways to keep it under control. If it becomes a problem for you then a proper mold remediation may be necessary. If in fact you do have an issue with your home and are located on Long Island then the Long Island Mold Guy can help you. If you are seeking ways to keep your home healthy so that you can work towards keeping the green wall eating monster out of your property then i can help you with that as well. I even provide long distance evaluations, just ask me how!  Feel free to reach out at any time for any of your mold related concerns. The Long Island Mold Guy Is The Right Guy For Your Fungi  CALL TODAY 631-946-8820

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